New Milford Welcomes Gilmore Girls Fan Fest

Once you cross Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, you feel it!    You’re in New Milford, and you are home!  New Milford is a special New England town with an iconic Town Green at its heart.  Surrounded by wonderful shops, restaurants and businesses, our Green was made for strolling, sitting, and sipping coffee!  With the Gilmore Girls Fan […]

Once you cross Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, you feel it!    You’re in New Milford, and you are home!  New Milford is a special New England town with an iconic Town Green at its heart.  Surrounded by wonderful shops, restaurants and businesses, our Green was made for strolling, sitting, and sipping coffee!  With the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest coming to Connecticut,  we are very excited to welcome them to stop by and see for themselves why we think  New Milford embodies the soul of our favorite town . The shops restaurant, and people of our downtown are thrilled to welcome the Fan Fest visitors and can’t wait to show how special our town is to everyone!  We know you’re going to recognize your new hometown!

What’s Happening?

All kinds of things!  The entire downtown is welcoming fans with open arms, ready to share the best of New Milford -not just during the bus tour, but all weekend! Start off with the CAN’T MISS- Our Town Green!

The Gazebo  The Iconic New England Centerpiece- We have one right in our Town Green.  We call it a bandstand, but no matter what we call it, it’s the heart of New Milford.  Start your Fan Fest tour here- and don’t forget to snap a pic!  Share with our hashtag #NewMilfordGazebo!

Farmers Market on the Green – Of COURSE there will be a festival on The Green!   Not only can you get farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, but locally made donuts, muffins, bread, pasta, dog treats, and a New Milford favorite Goat Boys Soaps. There may not be a wandering troubadour, but there will certainly be music!  Then head over to our shops and restaurants who are excited to welcome you!

  • Cool Hand Dukes is one of the coolest places in town for a burger and a brew, it is the type of place that guys in backwards baseball hats hang out and shoot the bull! A warm, friendly bar and great restaurant, they’ll be having special themes this weekend, including  a Burger, Mac & Cheese selection and Drink!  Their Custom brewed IPA is awesome!
  • Barristers Coffee This is the place where people would be sitting, blurry eyes, waiting those excruciating seconds after sipping coffee when AHHH- relief hits them with a jolt of caffeine!   COFFEE! COFFEE!  COFFEE! is pretty much all we have to say. We have an excellent coffee shop, come see for yourself!
  • FernEllie Creations makes amazing items that are personalized just for you!   Come get your own virsion of the perfect New England souvenir to remind you of your stop in our New England town!
  • Johanna’s Restaurant– It’s our own Pancake House on the Green- and their pancakes are out of this world!  Don’t miss the corn & cheddar pancakes. (and homemade breads, jams and sausage). They don’t make Chinese foods, but they do have food with a great International flair that you might not expect.  (look for some Ecuadorian flavors!)
  • Lucia Ristorante      Shhhh–it’s a secret! Every town has a spot like this- the go-to place that all the locals know about, but they try hard to keep the special parts of it quiet, for themselves.  This weekend, Lucia’s “Secret Spot” will open for all- if you can find it.  Just look on Bank Street! You can pop in and enjoy a drink and some of the best Italian food around!
  • Makery Coworking will have its Pop Up Shoppery with a plethora of unique shopping opportunities from local small companies including candles, wooden toys, custom tee shirts and items influenced from all over, including our town, artwork, jewelry, and textiles. It’s really an indoor festival celebrating everything wonderful about a Small New England Town!  A MUST SEE!
  • Natural Marketplace– Our own version of a Small-Town Market- The Natural Marketplace has everything you need, and maybe even a cute bagboy! (you never know!) They also happen to make the best smoothies and drinks around and no one will make fun of you for drinking something healthy instead of coffee!
  • Nordica Toys Kids love toys,  and Nordica has them!  Not just today’s hot toys, but many of the classic toys from years ago- plus, there are tons of books to keep your voracious reader happy!
  • Nutmeg Olive Oil Everyone loves a tea party, especially with custom blended teas!    Visit Nutmeg Olive Oil to not only check out their Dragonfly Tea, but a specially made coffee, as well., You’ll think you’re sitting on a quaint Inn’s front porch sipping tea and chatting with friends!
  • Planet Photo:  A year in the life poster shoot.” Fans are invited to her photography studio, at 53 Bank, for a snapshot and remembrance of their visit downtown!
  • River and Rail knows that Girls (and Boys) everywhere enjoy their snacks, and they are the place to go in town for fresh soups, sandwiches, drinks, and- hold onto your hats- they make the ultimate: HOMEMADE  POP TARTS! There’s lots of cool memorabilia to see in this café!
  • Robertson Jewelers is situated right on the Green which makes it a great place to get your very own Gazebo charms.   Designed and made locally, they are inspired by the Gazebo that might have inspired it all!   They’re the perfect remembrance of our awesome little New England Town.  The charms are quite limited so get them while they are available!
  • Safari Collective is a quaint shop with lots of unique items, including lots of stuff that is inspired by our favorite show!   They even will have a custom roasted “Diner Blend” of whole and ground coffee roasted by Sherman’s own Sacred Grounds coffee!
  • Swank on Bank–  If you’ve ever wanted to dress like some of your favorite TV characters, Swank on Bank is the place to go with inspired outfits that are utterly perfect for running around town, grabbing coffee with friends, maybe a movie  and heck, even work!  Chat with owner Lyn and tell her which  TV show character you love and influences you, and  she’ll help you pull together the perfect look to be a Girl Around Town!
  • Tasty Waves is New Milford’s very own Fro-Yo shop located directly across from the Gazebo, they have made a special flavor for this weekend!  Pop in and give “Coffee Break”  a try!
  • Theo’s Diner is our version of everyone’s favorite Diner- and to be honest, we wonder, who inspired who?  Normally open just for breakfast and lunch, Theo’s will be open until 5 on Saturday for Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Fans.   Come enjoy a small-town diner meal!
  • Zaragoza will offer a Specialty Cocktail “Highland Dragonfly” crafted by mixologist Christine Short made just for fans that you can enjoy along with delicious tapas in their restaurant.

We are excited to receive Gilmore Girls Fan Fest visitors and we’d like to say, “Welcome Home!”

New Milford is everything that a small New England Town should be a quaint, neighborly place that is filled with friends who become family and a town that quickly feels like you’re back for a family reunion.




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